Welcome to Glasgow Kids Playbus

If you want entertainment children will never forget, give Glasgow Playbus a call. Imagine your child’s face light up has their very own soft-play on wheels drives around the corner.

Introducing Hamish and Archie the Playbuses

Hamish and Archie are vintage double-deckers that have been filled with play magic. With their bright red livery and vibrant soft play fittings, no child will be able to resist them.

The buses are exciting and colourful adventure on wheels aimed at one to eleven year olds. Inside there are two floors of soft play areas with slides, climbing frames, ball pool and lots more.

Hamish and Archie can park anywhere as long as its is accessible.

If your children enjoy soft play, just think how much they will love having their own private play bus arriving just for them and their friends.


- The party is on the bus which frees up your home. No mess no fuss!
- Guest Numbers 1-25+
- Ages 0-11 (Children under 3 need extra supervision)
- No need to hire, decorate and provide entertainment for a hall
- Hold a children’s attention for long periods or time
- Something different to the usual party

- The buses are very sensory so are ideal for children with communication difficulties 

What can the buses be used for?

Birthday parties
First Communions
Family Gathering
Wedding Entertainment
Fetes and Gala Days

School, Nursery and PTA click: Information

Please call 07545 534 013 to check Hamish’s diary. He loves to come to a party.

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