Playbus Prices

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Friday - Sunday

1.5 Hours - £225
2 Hours - £250

Please note certain areas are subject to a fuel surcharge and minimum time.
If you are over 10 miles from Renfrew a minimum 2 hour party would apply.
Please provide postcode if you are 15 mils from Renfrew.

Events, Open Days, Weddings please email

Schools and Early Year Centres Pricing
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Midweek After School Special
2 Hours - £225
Certain areas subject to Fuel surcharge  
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Q - How do I book a bus for a specific date and what do I need to do?
A - Very simple; either call or email us with a date you wish. All you need to do is pay £25 deposit (via bank transfer). Easy !! 

Q - How many children can any of the buses hold at any one time?
A - Comfortably entertain 20-25 children at a time. If your party has more than this number we suggest alternating little groups on and off the bus.
Please call for additional activity suggestions.

Q – Is there any food or drink allowed on Hamish?
A - We cannot allow food or drink to be taken on the bus at any time. There is no eating areas on the bus instead to make room for 2 full floors of fun fun fun!

Q – Do I need to provide anything on the children’s special day?
A – An adults must be on the bus at all times to supervise the children
(See Terms and Conditions for more info)

Q – What insurances does Glasgow Playbus hold?
A – We hold all appropriate insurances for the nature of the business. If requested, we can provide documentation on arrival of the bus to anyone who asks.

Q – How often is the buses cleaned?  
A – Hamish and Archie are cleaned after every outing inside and out.

Q – What if its dark
A – Power is required to use internal lighting you can assist us by providing power via a cable to your home.

If you require any other information please contact us :-)

Schools, Nurseries, Supermarkets, and Corporate Events
please call to discuss setting up an Account.